Saturday, August 8, 2009

Denouncing the Far Right on Maddow

Please watch my appearance on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC TV show here

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Shannon said...

Dear Frank,
It was very interesting watching your attempt to explain the mindset of the Religious Right to Rachel Maddow. I think you managed to pull it off and still appear rational yourself. Personally I think that the whole pre-millenial Rapture worldview is one of those things that you just "had to be there" to understand. (That being said, the village idiot metaphor is fairly accurate, and something everyone can relate to.)
I understand why you said the country needs to "move past them" and get on with things; but as someone who began her journey from darkness to light LATE in the game (in my 40s) I still hold out hope for those in my own family who are still living in that alternate universe. Instead of marginalizing the Religious Right subculture, I think we have to persistently and patiently talk about issues in Pro-Life and "how does this fit with what Jesus taught?" terms. Maybe some of them will eventually begin to realize that Jesus was not, in fact, either a CEO or a warmonger-er.
I admire your courage, and as always, enjoy your work both in writing and in person.
- a fellow traveler