Monday, August 3, 2009

My Latest On "Religion Dispatches"

Here's the first paragraph of my latest blog posted on Religion Dispatches--

In his book The Family, Jeff Sharlet has done a masterful job of exposing the machinations of the of shadowy Evangelical group known variously as "The Fellowship,"or "The Family," (or, most recently, "those nuts from Congress living in a far right commune on C Street who counsel wayward congressmen regarding adultery.")

Recently, Rachel Maddow has helped bring the whole issue of subversive far right Evangelical religion to a wider public (and gotten some flak for it). But in the light of the Obama presidency — and the rabid right-wing opposition to it — it's worth noting that the majority of the lies being told about our President, his programs and the Democratic Party are originating not just from the right wing but from the Evangelical right wing in particular.

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Patrick Mulhaney said...

Evangelicals ought to be concerned about this apparently cultic organization. But certain politicians know how to use the right buzzwords to garner support. Your dad warned years ago about those who use the name of Jesus as a banner to wave over causes that do not really represent him.