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Patience With God --Faith For People Who Don't Like Religion (Or Atheism).

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From the bestselling and controversial author of Keeping Faith and Crazy for God, a spirited, witty, and provocative challenge to atheists and fundamentalists alike

Frank Schaeffer has a problem with Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, Dennett, and the rest of the New Atheists—the self-anointed “Brights.” He also has a problem with the Rick Warrens and Tim LaHayes of the world—the religious fundamentalists. The problem is that he doesn’t see much of a difference between the two camps. As Schaeffer puts it, they “often share the same fallacy: truth claims that reek of false certainties. I believe that there is an alternative that actually matches the way life is lived rather than how we usually talk about belief.”
Sparing no one and nothing, including himself and his fiery evangelical past, and invoking subtleties too easily ignored by the pontificators, Schaeffer adds much-needed nuance to the existing religious conversation. “I discovered from the emails I’ve been inundated with since my memoir was published that there are more of us perplexed former (or currently) religiously inclined or religiously raised folks on a journey from past certainties to points unknown than I’d been aware of. We want to have faith in God in spite of our bad experiences with religion, oppressive family relationships, and/or doubts and questions. We too worry that we been hoodwinked by a fairy tale. I hope that this book will provide a meeting place for those of us who count ourselves among the scattered members of what I’ll call the Church of Hopeful Uncertainty.”

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Frank Schaeffer is the author of the New York Times bestseller Keeping Faith and the memoir Crazy for God. His novels, including Portofino, have been translated into nine languages. He has appeared on numerous television and radio shows, including Fresh Air (NPR) with Terri Gross and Oprah, and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and Alternet. He and his wife, Genie, live in Massachusetts and have three children.

Also by Frank Schaeffer, and available from Da Capo Press
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Crazy for God
Keeping Faith
Faith of Our Sons
Voices from the Front

Baby Jack
Saving Grandma

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Praise for Crazy for God
“A brave and important book.”—Andre Dubus III, author of House of Sand and Fog

“Crazy for God offers considerable insight into several issues that have bedeviled American life in the past thirty years…it gives us not only a handle on the mess we are in but also quite a few laughs.”—Jane Smiley, The Nation

“Schaeffer describes a life that was by turns happy, difficult, idyllic, and completely nuts….He’s a world-class storyteller.”—Christianity Today

“Crazy for God is a brilliant book, a portrait of fundamentalism painted in broad strokes with streaks of nuance, the twinned coming-of-age story of Frank and the Christian right.”—Jeff Sharlet, author of The Family

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