Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hi I was on the Rachel Maddow Show last night. To watch the clip go to my website at

click and watch (if you care to!)

Best, Frank


Elisabeth said...

Your voice is an important one in this dangerous political climate - please stay out there, and vocal! - With much appreciation, Elisabeth

tps360 said...

God bless you Frank

Faithless said...

Top notch stuff, Frank. We are very glad to see you on Rachel's show, and kudos to her for giving you time. I've noticed that she lets you speak without interruption. She's polite, sure, but she's giving you such long periods to make your points that I know she's as impressed as her viewers are.

qnfhrts said...

Frank, For years I have been wondering how the right-wing can get away with so many obvious untruths and you have finally given me an answer I can believe. Thank you for speaking out!

Former_Fundy said...


I have travelled a similar journey as you. I earned a Ph.D. in Theology from the notorious Bob Jones University in 1986. I was a big fan of your father and read his complete works.

In 1996, I lost my faith and I am now agnostic.

While I share many of your views of evangelical Christianity, and I am certainly no fan of the religious right, I do not share your political views. I am no fan of Obama and the philosophy that bigger government is the answer to every social problem.

Nevertheless, I am glad to have found you on the internet and I am going out now to get your book "Crazy for God."


Hughes. said...

So glad to hear someone who knows these groups from the inside speaking about what is essentially a doomsday cult, millions of members strong within America's borders.

The language they use is belligerent, angry and at best their desires are for an end to the wall of separation between church and state leading to a Taliban style theocratic government, and at worst, their rhetoric seems to presage civil war.

I hope your message reaches a very wide audience, that mainstream Christians wake up to the insanity being preached by radicalised theocratic fear-mongers under the auspices of being the will of Christ. These extremist, apocalyptic views must cease to be indulged in politics and in the media.

Thanks for what you're doing.

Former_Fundy said...

Hi Frank,

Just finished reading Crazy for God. Interesting read. I was hoping for more of the intellectual issues you struggled with in leaving the faith of your father but I suppose you will address those in Patience with God? I look forward to reading it.


Former Fundy

Reinhardt Jacket said...

Frank, I enjoyed and totally agreed with your comments on the show.

I think this sub culture / cult needs to be recognized as a formal group in the nation's conciousness in order to get the population as a whole realizing the dangerous direction we might head towards.

In the UK the Labour party had to fight the loony left when democratic socialism went extreme, in Germany and Italy there were facist movements that ended up attracting people who initially didn't have such extreme views.

The use of the word cult to describe these fundamentalist Christian's is apt except a cult is usually small in size. The mainstream media needs to recognize this group exists, expose the fallacy of their arguments, and then begin to label it's spokespeople as belonging to this group and worthy of being ignored.

Diana said...

As a life-long atheist who grew up in an agnostic household that valued facts over blind dogma, truth over self delusion, and tolerance over intolerance, I've never been able to understand why some people choose to believe ignorance and hatefulness are godly. Your interview on Rachel's show was a real eye opener. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The left is the reason the right exists. The further left you people go the further right the right will go. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, stop being so hyper-critical of the rule of law, morality, marriage, pro-life, etc. Move closer to the center and the right will also move closer to the center. You people don't see that you have also been "hijacked" by the ultra left.
(Jimmy Carter, Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, ACLU, etc)

Diana - looks like you've been free to be exactly what you want to be. So what's your beef with the Christians? When were you persecuted?

What you people really seem to have a problem with is that the right defends its own right to exist. They want to raise their children in a normal, safe and sane environment but you people keep pushing the envelope on what is normal and, sorry but the results are about in and we have a country that is coming apart at the seams and everybody is paying the price. Your argument, untested, is that if we would just consider everything normal then nobody would go crazy. You really take a lot on yourselves and expect everybody to just fall into line and throw off all boundaries and restraints and damn the consequences. Your utopian vision may come about but I can guarantee that it won't be heaven, it will be hell. This is because people are pretty much the same and without a healthy and wholesome environment, they will self-destruct.

But have at it, God is sovereign so I have no doubt that one way or the other, He will have the last word. Cheers!