Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My New Book (Out Very Soon)

Subject line: Note From Frank Schaeffer about my new book

Hi: Frank Schaeffer Here: I wanted you to know that Patience With God -- Faith For People Who Don't Like Religion (Or Atheism) will be in bookstores in a few weeks now. If you are going to get this book please help me out by doing so early so that bookstores get behind it.

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Here are some comments on "Patience" ....

"Frank Schaeffer is a patient writer but a passionate one too. This beautiful argumentative and even funny book is popular theology at its best, an explanation of tradition and its absence from a man who has lived both, a writer who knows better than most that God -- whether you do or don't believe -- is always a brilliant story."
Jeff Charlet, New York Times best selling author of "The Family."

"Ever feel straitjacketed by the Church? Convinced that God can't be put in a box? You've got to read Frank Schaeffer's explanation of why you're not alone, and how contradictions can be a paradox to be celebrated.&nb sp;You'll be intellectually challenged and spiritually heartened by his life story and lessons learned."
Richard Cizik, President, The New Evangelicals, Fellow, The Open Society Institute

"Patience With God does more than celebrate the gift of paradox-it's a feast for those hungering for something truly greater than themselves and their own ideas."
Charles E. Moore, editor, "Provocations: The Spiritual Writings of Kierkegaard"

"With remarkable skill Schaeffer exposes the flaws of fundamentalists and atheists alike, only to reveal the true meaning of faith."
Patricia Fernández-Kelly, Princeton University

"Patience With God gives us voice, it validates our experiences, it starts a conversation-one that has been needed for a long, long time."
John F. DeFelice, University of Maine at Presque Isle

"Patience With God presents an alternative that we would do well not to ignore. It is an appeal for sanity, compassion, tolerance, and authentic spirituality."
Reverend Antony Hughes, St. Mary Orthodox Church, Cambridge, Massachusetts

"A meditation on the follies of religious and atheist fundamentalism . . . [Schaeffer's] criticisms . . . are on target."
Kirkus Reviews

in bookstores soon or order from:



If you want to contact me do so at frankaschaeffer@aol.com

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PS. I'm putting together my speaking schedule for this fall, winter and spring so please let me know if you have an ideas on that.


gmftech said...

How about the Dallas Fort Worth area?

Fr. John Whiteford said...

Frank, you have to learn how to hyperlink. :)