Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Great "Booklist" Review of Patience With God


November 15, 2009

Patience with God: Faith for People Who Don’t Like Religion (or Atheism). By Frank Schaeffer.

Former evangelical Christian political agitator Schaeffer has been born yet again. This time, he has been reborn into what he calls the Church of Hopeful Uncertainty, as defined by his belief that the vast majority of people inhabits a middle ground between the two fundamentalist extremes battling one another for followers in the world today. He suffers no one who advocates a devotion so rigid as to exclude any but the stanchest. He names names but is an equal opportunity assailant, laying into fundamentalist atheists and religious zealots alike, decrying both for inflexibility and the blatant commercialism of their enterprises. Make no mistake, Schaeffer is not proselytizing. He knows, or at least hopes, that with this book he is singing to the choir of millions fed up with or unable to commit to full-blown atheism or stiff-necked religion of any kind. His belief that faith, in God or not, ought to support and enrich one’s life, not run it into the ground, strikes, he hopes, a universally appealing chord. —Donna Chavez

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Rick in St. Louis said...

This is my favorite book of all time! I haven't read it yet, of course, but I did just finish "Crazy for God". I'm pretty sure the next time somebody asks me what I believe, my answer will be a quotation from Frank Schaeffer.