Thursday, October 1, 2009



Izgad said...

I did not care much for the article and found it rather counterproductive. The logic of the article is that there are some people on the right who believe some over the top things and therefore the entire right is in the grip of some sort mass paranoia. By implication, anyone who has anything negative to say about the current administration is part of some sort of plot against the government. So who is the paranoid one here? Need we talk about people on the left who still believe that Bush was behind 9/11 or who did everything in their power to stop Republican judges from even getting to the floor for a vote.
As a libertarian I find it offensive to be labeled with the long list of people in the article. Libertarianism is a particular method of approaching problems that has nothing to do with any particular religion and has nothing to do with conspiracy theories.

Sebastian Søborg said...

I don't think 911 denial is a or right wing issue, it's simply crazy.

Looking at how the right wing media is faring these days, I get a little paranoid. People are, for some reason, watching Fox. If they aren't already it will make them crazy.

If the left in general seem a little 'noid, who can blame them after Iraq, Blackwater, Halliburton etc etc.

The Bush years were a long, scary nightmare to me.

And I'm not even an American.

Izgad said...

"The Bush years were a long, scary nightmare to me."

At what point do we go from saying that Bush was a Christian conservative who did a lot of things that we did not like to saying that he was a nightmare? A nightmare is what people in North Korea have been living through for sixty years.

Keep in mind what you set yourself up for. We want people on the right to also draw that line and say that Obama's policies are not what we support instead of turning him into Antichrist.

Anonymous said...

Umm. I don't know what you are referring to regarding Halliburton. I don't know what you are referring to you regarding Blackwater. And the Democrats in congress all voted for the war in Iraq.

As far as the Bush years being a nightmare, as an American who lives here I can assure you that I wasn't terrified. No not even once. I knew we had a president that was doing his best for this nation and would defend it when needed. We also enjoyed great prosperity and low taxes, in spite of what happened on 9/11.

As far as Fox news making people crazy, have you ever tried to watch MSNBC? Now that is a hotbed of ratcheted up rhetoric. Its unbearable to watch, unless you are crazy I guess.

I agree with Izgad - a nightmare is living in a place like North Korea. I hope that America will never find out what that is like. Or you in whatever country you are from. Think about this, if you hadn't been listening to your own liberal media spinning paranoid yarns day in and day out about President Bush, do you think you would have been as terrified as you say you were?