Monday, October 19, 2009

A Reader's Note on "Patience With God"

Hi, Frank

I congratulate you for the living, writing, and publishing the superb work, Patience With God.

It so well written and such supportive wisdom I literally could not put down. I am grateful for your courage in debunking pretenses that support fundamentalist/evangelical religiosity which undermines the message and meaning of Jesus.

I appreciate your even-handedness and emphasis on behavior that makes a difference and away from theological rigidities that produce separateness fueled by unconscious self-righteousness. You recognize that the challenges of the 21st century require compassion, respect for others, fueled by our “hopeful not-knowing.”

As I wrote before, I was born in a Baptist parsonage, baptized at age 6, “born again” as often as I felt alienated from God. Graduated from Moody Bible Institute and a M.A in New Testament Studies from Wheaton College. I readily support your comments about Wheaton College and I personally am embarrassed that Moody Bible Institute would select Jerry Jenkins, however decent, to chair Moody’s Board of Trustees. I heartily concur that the Left Behind theme is hateful and dangerous for what lies ahead. When I receive appeals from Moody for donations I am really tempted, in light of Jenkins considerable fortune gained from wrapping a shameless right-wing screed with a view of the Second Coming that is nowhere presented in the Bible.

Frank, I salute you for your new book and intend to share it with interested people with enthusiasm. You are and will continue to receive uncharitable comments and hate-filled threats.

You are for me, the prophet, Micah (I Kings 22:13-24). “One should always take care to have the right friends and the right enemies” and you are doing exceedingly well!

And your special love for Lucy is compelling ….how can I say more?
Blessings and Good Energy for the Journey,

Lou Tulga

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