Thursday, October 15, 2009


My interview on stopping domestic right wing terror before it starts

Please watch this--

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Frank. Your version of the "Minority Report".

In case you haven't noticed, there are still no instances of the Right Wing Terror you are hiding under your bed to avoid and warning everybody about. What there are 1000's and 1000's of instances of, is terror in the name of Allah, Fort Hood being the most recent one just few days ago in fact. This is because of the left-wing's (that's you Frank) politically-correct sensitivity to "profiling" so that even our military is hog-tied with your hogwash. And now we have dozens of grieving families because of a senseless and wholly preventable act.

That's what I call left-wing terror, and unlike your phantom "right wing terror". Left wing terror actually exists. It gives terrorists a pass, lets criminals out on the street and refuses to fight a war against enemies that have expressed with guns and bombs and many deaths already their intention to wipe America off the face of the earth.

Why, may I ask, is it legitimate for you leftists to not profile a religious group that has clearly shown intent to kill and yet be in favor of profiling another religious group that on the whole are the most law-abiding and peaceful in the world? (fringies that exist in all groups, including yours)?

Your kind of terror, Frank, is frankly more terrifying to me then a lone gunman shooting "Dr." Tiller, another terrorist protected by the left-wing. Tiller lived by the sword and he died by it. But that little fact escapes you, doesn't it Frank.