Sunday, November 22, 2009

Frank Schaeffer in NYC Tuesday Nov 23

I'm delighted to announce that Frank Schaeffer will be speaking at McNally Jackson
here in NYC on Tuesday, Nov. 24.

Frank is the blunt, brave soul (that's right) who's been giving us a lot of truth about
the far-right Christianist machine, FOX News included, that's been whipping up
intense seditious hatred with especial fervor since Obama was elected. (Not long
ago I sent out an item quoting Frank's sharp claim that FOX is clearly "trawling for
assassins.") His critique of that sick place is indispensable, because he's actually been
there himself, working--or, as he would put it, milking--the Christianist circuit
as the son of evangelist/fundamentalist Francis Schaeffer, and, for years, a rising theocratic
star in his own right.

Having long since come to his senses, Frank has written many excellent books, including
his memoir, Crazy for God, several novels--and his latest, Patience with God, a
double whammy that takes on both the raging Christianists and their mirror opposites,
the "New Atheists" (Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens et al.), who, Frank holds, proselytize
as fiercely, and simplistically, as the anti-humanistic zealots they despise.

This should be really interesting, so try to be there if you can.


Frank Schaeffer
Author of Patience with God: Faith for People Who Don't Like Religion {or Atheism}

In conversation with Mark Crispin Miller

Frank Schaeffer was a founding figure of the Religious Right and instrumental in
making the modern, politicized version of evangelical Christianity what it is today.
Recently, however, he has turned his back on some of his evengelical counterparts' less-nuanced views, in favor of depth and intelligence, even liberalism, both in his
political and religious beliefs.

Schaeffer is the author of the memoir Crazy for God and the bestselling Keeping the
Faith. In his latest book he takes on bluster and intolerance from both ends of the
spectrum, atheists and conservative Christians alike, presenting instead what he
calls the "Church of Hopeful Uncertainty".

He'll be here with our regular political discussion host, professor and activist
Mark Crispin Miller.

Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2009,
McNally Jackson Bookstore
52 Prince St. (b/t Lafayette and Mulberry)


Anonymous said...

God Damn, Frank

Will you ever let us forget the title of this book of yours, like ever, in any post or article involving you????

We know how you fucked up everything in the past, but no amount of anything you say or do will ever preempt that fact.

I really do appreciate how you spell it all out. I do. But because of your heinous past, and the fact that I can't spell check, or copy & paste in this comments section, leaves me to believe that you are not to be trusted.

A double agent, eh, Franky...Your god mocks you.

Anonymous said...

Frank - where were you when the "intense seditious hatred" was being "whipped up" from the left media - from your beloved Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman of MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN - when George Bush was president?

In fact, all I on this blog in the stuff you write is an "intense seditious hatred" toward evangelical Christians or other people who aren't on the Obama is the Messiah bandwagen being "whipped up" by your hate speech.

It isn't Obama who is at risk here, it is freedom of speech, life and liberty. And you are leading the charge of the mob.

Di said...

I am a christian and I agree with what Frank has been saying. I don't see how you can equate the Bush hate with the Obama hate. The Obama haters make the Bush haters look like amateurs.

Maddow and Olberman never came close to what Hannity and Beck say and do. You never saw them organize and promote protests against Bush. They didn't "whip" people up in an emotional frenzy by telling whopper lies about Pres Bush.

Frank's calling out the extreme hate speech, and you are trying to accuse Frank of hate speech? wow- that's a play right out of Karl Rove's handbook! Whatever you are most guilty of, falsely accuse your opposer of the same thing! That will deflect it away from you. But sadly, that Rovian tactic doesn't work so well anymore. It's been so overused it's lost it's impact. Nice try tho.

Anonymous said...

Di - You aren't being honest at all. Not even a little bit. You sound like a liberal sound bite. Are you really going to sit there and say that all of the anti-war "Bush lied, people died" INTENSE HATRED stuff wasn't whipped up by the liberal media machine? There is no way that Obama hatred is nearly as intense as it is against GWB, and in sheer power the liberal media has it all over the conservative media. What other news outlets can you even name besides FOX? Go ahead, I'm waiting!

As for Frank he IS the extreme hate speech.