Friday, November 13, 2009

My Best "Patience With God" Interview (WHYY)


Anonymous said...

Frank, I'm only into this podcast about a minute and I already have a question. You are talking about the "big questions" finite humans can't possibly answer. You then include "who Jesus is" as one of those questions. That particular question does not qualify as one of the "unknowable, big questions."

There is so very little objective evidence for the biblical Jesus that one can very easily and confidently arrive at a conclusion that Jesus is either a mythical character or a man who was later mythologized. I don't consider Joseph Smith's claims to have god's word written on his golden plates one of the "big questions" I can't ever answer. I don't consider L. Ron Hubbard's claims about Thetans to be valid because I can't know L. Ron Hubbard didn't just make it all up.

If you want to assert that there might be some kind of force or god out there we can't definitively name, I get that. But you lose all credibility when you turn around and name that force you assert is unknowable.

It's is much more absurd for you to believe in Jesus as savior and god than it is for Dawkins to believe in science. At least Dawkins has credible (and testable) reasons for believing what he does.

Di said...

That was a great interview Frank. I really enjoyed it and I'm half way through your book.
I also read Crazy for God and it was riveting!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great interview! A lot of good points made in a sensible level-headed manner. Though, I thought the comparison of Dawkins and Robertson was plain wrong, even at face value. It made me wonder if you've read anything of Dawkins besides the God Delusion. Additionally, you lambasted him for his certainty, but didn't recognize the acknowledgement of his own uncertainty within the God Delusion and explaination of how that relates to his overall athestic position. I'm not saying that I agree with him entirely about everything, just that at certain points in the interview you were unfair to the guy.

You brought up John 8:7, 'He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her'. I think these are words to live by, personally, whilst rejecting the supernatural claims of the bible until they can be properly tested. Though i'm still quite young, and will most probably turn out a fundamentalist lunatic ;)

I'm rambling, anyway you've sold me a book.