Thursday, January 14, 2010

America and the Devil's (Robertson) Curse

It’s clear that America’s Founding Fathers must have made a pact with the Devil. How else to explain the curse America is so obviously under today? I want to go even farther than Pat Robertson and tell it like it really is!

(Disclosure: back in the 1970s and 80s before I quit the evangelical right, I was on the 700 Club with Pat 6 times, given my late father Francis Schaeffer was a founder of the religious right).

What else besides a punishment for a satanic pact could explain the following?...

  • Sarah Palin, who got a heartbeat from the presidency and who believes that health care reform means there will be death panels and that she needed to have witches cast out in a Pentecostal ceremony before she’d run for governor

  • A whole subculture of American rooting for the “End Times” and Armageddon

  • Pat Robertson who explained 9/11 and now the tragedy of the earthquake in Haiti, as results of God’s wrath and/or satanic dealings

  • Dick Cheney who betrays his country (and common decency) by saying our country is less safe because we have a Democrat for president

  • Rick Warren who coddled the “Christian” leaders in Uganda who want to kill gays (until Warren got called out and backtracked)

  • The “Family” and other Washington “Christian” groups working overtime to turn America into a theocracy

  • The evangelical hate machine working to deny gays their right to marry

  • The Roman Catholic hate machine aiding and abetting the evangelicals

  • Tea Party goofs who hate our government and think that “Hitler” is president

  • Private armies of murdering “Contractors” who are above the law

  • “Christians” attending the funerals of service men and women and screaming God hates fags and America

  • A bunch of Congressmen more loyal to their theology than to the Constitution of the United States

  • A military besieged by evangelical zealots trying to use the military chaplains and academies as an evangelistic spring board by “witnessing” to hapless soldiers

  • Tax free churches deforming American politics

  • Franklin Graham who is now taking the heretofore nonpartisan Billy Graham organization to the extreme hate-filled right, even getting old and out of it Billy to sign a letter endorsing Palin…

The list is as endless as we have fringe crazies, who turn out to not be so “fringe” given they now are the Republican just-say-no obstructionist Party.

Yes, we seem cursed all right!

* * *

Frank Schaeffer is the author of Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It Back and Patience with God: Faith for People Who Don't Like Religion (or Atheism).

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Cliff Potts said...

Morning, Mr. Schaeffer. I was wondering if you caught wind of Pat's latest manifestation of "Foot-in-Mouth" disease. It would be laughable save for the hundreds or thousands, if not millions, who hang on his every word. I give you credit for standing up to these spiritual bullies.

"Pat" is not a representative of any God that any right thinking human would want to honor. When dealing with his version of Christianity, however, thinking is not in the equation.

We are entering era of rabid nationalism as a counter point to Globalization. People cling to "Pat's" kind of nonsense. Anything that makes an American feel comfortable in uncomfortable times is perfectly acceptable. Even the secular media is full of that these days. We hear stories of the economy being "less bad" and inflated gasoline prices being touted as good as an increase in consumer spending.

Madness, dear Sir, is all around us. Thank you for your voice. May your God go with you.

Kathy Holmes said...

Frank, hubby and I have been big supporters of yours - we were also Orthodox converts but have since moved on to the Catholic Church, the sister Church to Orthodoxy - and we have found Catholicism to be a blessing and a richness beyond belief. And to lump the entire Roman Catholic Church with the extreme right is unfair - there are extreme factions within every group and I fear you are now moving to an extreme position yourself. To the uninformed, you could appear to be anti-Christian, lumping all Christians with the extremists, and I know that isn't true. We love you, Frank, but would appreciate more of a balanced view. :)

Edenbridger said...

Frank, you're just an angry guy. What's the point of reading your posts ... they are so predictable: "I'm right, and everybody I don't like feel is god-awful trash."

john.defelice said...

Catholicism is an interesting faith, full of contradictions. I remember in 2nd grade CCD we had the old Baltimore Catechism and we were told that to even visit a Protestant Church or a Synagogue was a mortal sin and that these poor people were doomed to Hell. Then in the third grade Vatican II became the standard and by the fourth grade we were visiting Congregational Churches and Synagogues as places peopled by fellow travelers. But there were still those who never left the old doctrines, refused to leave the Latin Mass and were the core of the Catholic Conservative Movement today. But I understand you Kathy. If some of the leadership is demented, it does not mean all the followers are. Painting with a broad brush is meant to condemn a visible public movement but tends to cover those not involved. For example even though Pat Robertson's comments were cruel, demented and sounded senile, his organization is sending relief to Haiti. But I really, really hope it food and medicine, not religious literature telling Haitians to repent of devil worship. I've said it before. I have lots of sympathy for the sheep. Shepherds are supposed to be trustworthy. Often they prove to be in the sheep shearing and leg o' lamb business instead. I know lots of practicing Catholic liberals who are profoundly spiritual. But in Portland, ME the bishop had extra collections in his churches to defeat gay civil rights and deny their right to marry and took part in a slanderous demonizing of gays with a fear campaign full of false information that would shame Hell. Blame the shepherds. Well a lot of of them anyway.

Jay Rogers said...
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Jay Rogers said...

Frank, I suppose facts matter to you, right?

Did you know that the Ugandan bill applied only to homosexuals who committed rape, child molestation or other violent sexual acts? It has since been softened to prison terms only.

You, in fact, agree these people should be put in prison for life according to a recent post.

You don't grapple with the foremost logical question that arises from the question of theonomy. If we don’t have God’s Law on the books, then whose law do we have? For instance, if we put man and man’s reason as the all-wise lawgiver, then by what standard do we judge man’s law when it becomes tyrannical. How can we judge a Muslim country that executes “infidels”? How can we judge an atheistic communist nation that seizes land and puts landowners who resist to death? How can we judge a fascist regime that decides that homosexuals, Jews, communists and other” anti-German” minorities can be put to death? How can we judge the nation of Uganda for deciding to execute child molesters?

Frank Schaeffer claims child molesters should only be put in prison for life. Christians in Uganda say that capital punishment is fitting.

Who is right?

hoaxdetector said...

note to Jay Rogers:

Facts are not the main thing for Franky. The rant is the thing.

Huntsville Theology Conversation said...

Frank, thanks once again for being where you are and standing up, speaking out and talking back.

Donovan said...

This whole Pat Robertson things brings back memories for me as well. I was involved in the Right Wing Born Again movement in the 80's.

It took a few years, but It finally dawned on me that following Jesus and his teachings were very very far removed from following the dogma of the church. It is comforting to see that today, in my opinion, there is MUCH less support for the positions of The 700 club, Liberty University, TBN, Dobson, and other "old time" end of the world, God's gonna judge us, right wing evangelicals. Even the new popular ones (Rick Warren) and "the emerging church", are trying to distance themselves from the old school. The latest pew polls confirm this. So, let Pat make his silly sad comments. It only makes more people wake up to just how far the church has strayed from the real Jesus. As Bob Dylan said, "you don't need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind blows"

Donovan Moore

john.defelice said...

Jay and Hoaxdoctor you're full of right wing beans. The Ugandan law applies to anyone who has gay sex and anyone who know someone who is gay. Time for you to get your facts straight. That's why it has earned wrold wide condemnation, except from right wing religious flakes.

To quote to Geoffrey York of the Johannesburg Globe and Mail:

"The law would impose a sentence of life imprisononment on anyone who 'penetrates the anus or mouth of another person of the same sex with his penis or any other sexual contraption.'" The same penalty would apply if he or she even 'touches another person with the intention of committing the act of homosexuality'"

"The Law requires a three year prison sentence for anyone who is aware of evidence of homosexuality and fails to report it to the police within 24 hours. It allows for the prosecution of Ugandans who engage in homosexual acts in foreign countries. And it imposes a prison sentence of up to seven years for anyone who defends the rights of gays or lesbians"

The article is an update of his first article from Nov 29. The change? the bigots orginally ordered the death penalty instead of life imprisonment.

We can also look at the article today by Ian Dunt in that describes this bill in detail and parliaments disgust at this potential act of genocide and bigotry. Its one of hundreds of articles that quote from the bill and show its connection to hate filled American evangelists and its inhumane, nazi-like content.

I know the religious right has followed the teachings of Sun Myung Moon in regards to divine lying to aid their "higher cause." It's just hard for me to believe that you're both dumb enough not to expect us to find the truth ourselves and not accept your slander at face value Hoaxdoctor and Jay. Join the ranks of Rush Limbaugh and Par Robertson and the demented dominionists from the C Street Family that spawned this piece of legislative crap. I'm sure they'll be proud to tell you what good canon loving Christians you are.

Mr. Man said...

If you were to replace all of the "right wing crazies" titles and jargon in your posts with the "lefties" equivalent, in tone, temper, and thought process, you and Limbaugh are long lost twin brothers. Both angry. Both right.

Dave C said...

Heh.. You are getting predictable.

I knew this rant would be up condemning Pat Robertson and anyone slightly to the right of whatever it is you believe soon after I heard Pat's statement.

There are nuances in a very broad spectrum before you get to where Roberson is at. But it's all or nothing for you.

If you do think there is you sure as hell don't show it in any of your hateful rants.

And for all of your rantings, you can't recognize a rhetorical saying even when it craps on your chest. 'Death Panels' are there in Harry Reid's bill.

john.defelice said...

No there are no death panels. Try reading. My what a persistent myth you trolls are trying to sell. And if Frank is predictable, folks like Robertson are even more so. "Pat's" rant was hardly rhetorical. Did you bother listening to Robertson or are you writing from another script of talking points? But I'm glad to see this site is now important enough for the right wing spin masters to assign regular trolls to spread their disinformation again and again. Frank: that's means you're getting some where! Meanwhile, you Trolls can all say hello to Chippy at whatever perception management company he's running now. And yes, and of course you have no idea what I'm talking about. Yeah sure.

Dave C said...

I did read the bill. There was this on page 1001.
‘Independent Medicare Advisory Board’.
Designed to keep costs under control. One way to keep costs under control is to limit coverage. I.E. Rationing.

The biggest cost for most people with health care? End of life care. I trust you can put two and two together.

But if you don't believe me, read what Ezekiel Emmanuel, the President's own adviser on health care and Rahm's brother, has to say about it in his own words:

Conversely, services provided to individuals who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens are not basic and should not be guaranteed. An obvious example is not guaranteeing health services to patients with dementia. A less obvious example is guaranteeing neuropsychological services to ensure children with learning disabilities can read and learn to reason.

As for 'Chippy', I'm guessing you mean George W. Bush. I thought he was a horrible president. Borrowing from China to grow the government as well as TARP I and the bail outs. I didn't like it then. And I don't like borrowing from China to grow the government and the Stimulus now.

I think what Robertson said was idiotic. But I did like and agree with what Bill Clinton had to say the other day. That if you wanted to really help out in Haiti, there are countless Faith based charities already established in Haiti that you can donate too. I already have.

As far as this site concerns me, it heartbreaking to see someone like Frank backslide and denounce all the work that his dad did for The Kingdom. By all appearances, he seems to have put a man (Barack Obama) on a pedestal..

Jay Rogers said...

John Defelice:

No, you are wrong. I read the language of the bill and while it condemns all homosexual behavior it only punishes acts of homosexual rape and child molestation -- as any just nation should.

Without just quote-mining, please read the WHOLE bill in context here:

There is a philospohical disconnect here. One side believes that people are born as homosexuals and thus sodomy should be celebrated and encouraged without any sanction. The other side maintains that the vast majority of homosexuals -- especially men -- are recruited as young boys usually by an older partner and thus the recruitment/rape aspect of homosexual behavior needs to be punished.