Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Anti-Obama Lefty Perfectionists Killed Us In MA

By Frank Schaeffer

Congratulations to the Left of the progressive movement and the Democratic Party: You just shot us all in the foot. You contributed to the Democratic loss in Massachusetts.

I’m a former Republican who ran from that hate-filled movement years ago. I am a heartfelt Obama supporter. And I am also and Independent Massachusetts voter.

I blame the ideological purist Left who have worked so hard to undermine the Obama presidency for the MA debacle. You set the stage.

The Left of the progressive movement couldn’t wait patiently for change. They wanted everything Now! They couldn’t ever see a glass half full and the possibility of improvement on the health care reform bill; it had to be prefect Now!

Gay rights moving ahead slowly weren’t fast enough! The fact that our president inherited the mess that landed on his desk didn’t move his Lefty critics to root for him, pray for him, and wait for him: No! It was “You’ve failed!” You’ve sold out to the banks! We're still at war! And all this only after less than 12 months in office!

Well, you got what you paid for. By giving aid and comfort to the extreme right – “See even his own supporters don’t trust him!” – You have emboldened the nuts. You also have sapped drip-by-drip the enthusiasm of Obama’s actual grass roots supporters (like me) who are not part of the "progressive elite".

You of the Obama-hating Left (yes I used that word -- hating) are both short-sighted and unrealistic.

Well, thanks ya’ll! See you in no-health care, no-gay rights, eternal-dumb-wars Sarah Palin’s America.


Larry Kamphausen said...

Um... Wow Frank, quite a rant. But really I find your dualistic logic hear uncompelling. Really... support the Democrats and whatever Obama because there's this big scarry other America that we must stand against.
The left may be being a bit short sighted in some of its criticisms, but really I'm wondering if you aren't here using a bit of fearmongering. Fear should not lead me to support the Democrats and Obama, but the actual policies they will implement. Granted you and the left will disagree on what policies should be implemented, but lets argue about that, not toss accusations, and entice support of Obama and the Democrats for fear of Sarah Palin's ilk.

Frank in Santa Monica said...

I don't think Frank is only talking about fear. He's also talking about how the Left should recognize that there will never be an American president as "left" as Obama, and they should attack his enemies, not him, if they want him to achieve anything. Frank is pointing out how these attacks allowed the Right to frame the debate, since the Right's attacks weren't being answered, and thus the independent voters ran from the Democrat.

Frank in Santa Monica said...

BTW, I don't know why I'm called "Frank in Santa Monica" here. I hate anonymous comments. My name is Frank Gruber.

PB Coleman said...

I am always willing to give any elected official a chance. However, when I hear nothing by negativity and blatant lies . . . you wonder what will happen as they take office.

I don't live in MA, but followed the election. The problem is that Democrats have to really show how they are effecting change. Transparency, engaging, communicating, connecting at the grass roots level, so that everyone knows what is happening. *No time to coast*.

When you don't "brand" your party, the hatemongers will do it for you. And they don't care about fact checking. It's the "Willie Horton" syndrome in other forms.

Can anyone on this form name one positive solution Scott Brown has done that has benefited the constituents Ted Kennedy served all those years?

Raven said...

Thank you, Mr. Schaeffer; for your courage in telling the truth about the damage being wrought upon the Democratic Party, Agenda and our President by Obama-Hating Lefties. If you were the gentleman I heard on Thom Hartmann this morning, thank you again-- it's was refreshing to hear someone dealing with reality.

Ben Daniel said...

I think this is an amazing--and scary--example of how a unified minority (the Republicans) can control the agenda when the majority lacks focus and unity.

W. Bush was able to do just about anything he wanted with only a very slim majority in the Senate because Democrats were not unified in their opposition to insanity.

I think the problem may be that while the Republicans represent a minority of mostly right-wing folk who think alike, the Democratic Party has become sort of a catch-all party that includes everyone from just right of center to the far left. Democrats also value informed, independent thinking, which means the Democrats will never agree as do the Republicans.

Democrats are paying a political price for being a big-tent party that values dissent.

Larry Kamphausen said...

Frank Gruber (who is said to be in Santa Monica ;-) ) You may be correct that Obama is as "left" a President as the US will ever see, but I fail to see how that equals supporting Obama unless, everyone on the Left is supposed to be good Democrats and bit their lips.
And perhaps I am not as aware of the left and progressives as I should, but at least what I know of the left here in Chicago, I wouldn't call the position merely attacks, but real criticism and critique.
I am not saying that the left is above criticism here. But I fail to see lack of support of Obama as worthy of said criticism. Now that large numbers of progressives and leftist chose to believe that Obama was something other than what careful attention to his campaign revealed sure, and that they shouldn't be all up in arms that Obama isn't their leftist president, I'll give you.
My difficulty with Scheaffer's point is that the left should shut up sit down and just support whatever Obama and a centrist Democratic party will offer, even though Obama and the Democratic party continues to court the left as if it means something.
I can understand the lefts anger here, and think they should be critical of this administration.

Annette said...

Thank you Mr Schaeffer, I agree with you 150% and have said much the same several times.

I would like to quote you in a post on my blog and add my thoughts to yours. I am seeing some of the ones you are talking about already talking about finding someone to run against Pres. Obama in 2012... That's how ignorant they are being. So yes, the angry left is talking of splitting the Democrats and letting the right take control again.

Jacque said...

Well when Democrats abandon progressives, don't be surprised and upset when the progressives abandon the Democrats.

For once I would like to see Democrats unified and forceful like the Republicans ramming through much need reforms. Unfortunately we're stuck with a wishy washy and spineless lot. Change won't happen if the Democrats keep watering down legislation in a vain hope of picking up a Republican vote.

Furthermore circular firing is going to get the movement nowhere. The plain truth is that Coakley sucked as a candidate and the Democrats are going to have to do better if they want to hang on to power.

godlizard (aka dotlizard) said...

I think the biggest problem was that the Obama campaign was so compelling, and people got the impression that change would come from just voting for it, but it takes so much more than that. The Obama administration has done a great job keeping in touch with their supporters and asking them to take action to support what needed to be done, but many of those supporters chose instead to nitpick and undermine instead.

That being said, Oakley ran a rather lackluster campaign, perhaps lulled into a false sense of security based on her predecessor's stronghold on the office? For whatever reason, she was out-campaigned, and failed to overcome the adverse effects of all the disaffected liberal ennui. Could she have prevailed in spite of this? Maybe. Could she have prevailed with a less-than-stellar campaign had she not had so much liberal infighting to deal with? Probably.

You'd think there would be enough loyalty to Sen. Kennedy's legacy to carry even a weak candidate just this once, in the spirit of getting his beloved health care through Congress, but no -- there are few things more divisive and whiny than Democrats who've just won big. Sorry to sound so jaded and bitter, but I'm tired of this happening again and again.

the_last_name_left said...


thanks for this - especially for submitting it to BradBlog.

I hope you recognise the vitriolic response to your posts over at BradBlog are similar to the way the far-right responds to dissent?

There are good reasons why this happens at BRadBlog.....

Note - any mention of the following facts is deleted at BradBlog - they will *not* address it, nor will they publish the concerns.

Brad's moderator - Agent99 - and a coterie of other regular commenters at BradBlog congregate daily at BigDan'sBigBLog (he's another BradBlog regular)

BigDan'sBigBlog appears to be a far-right mouthpiece, masquerading as "progressive".

Here's some of the "content" that appears persistently at BigDan'sBigBlog - and is condoned by Brad's moderator, Agent99, and all the other regulars familiar and active at both venues:

ALL LIES. Media = Jewish-owned and complicit.

plunger | 12.28.08 - 11:43 am | #

There's tons of stuff like that......and if one protests at the anti-semitism and promotion of far-right sources (such as Willis Carto) one is accused of "being a megaphoner".....and deleted. (Not unlike at BradBlog itself)

Here's some more - and this is just a small selection of the evidence:

"Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, all of them are ON ISRAEL'S PAYROLL. All of them were directly involved in 9/11, and many foreign intelligence services have them dead-to rights, and are blackmailing them."

Henry Ford said this........
Charles Lindbergh said this......
33. The International Jew. By Henry Ford."
Patrick Buchanan
Who Rules America? By Dr. William Pierce
From Adolf Hitler's last Will and Political Testament. Google users enter: Hitler my political testament
Benjamin Freedman's 1955 speech


Obama will say nothing, in deference to his true master, the Master of all who are (s)elected to serve Israel's AGENDA.


Israel controls everything inside the US. .....Israel actually controls the launch and targeting codes of the entire US Nuclear arsenal. .....Bottom line - Israel owns the United States - thanks to GHW Bush. None of this is speculation. These are facts.

There's plenty more like that at BigDan'sBigBlog - all posted under the approving watch of Brad Friedman's moderator - Agent99.

the_last_name_left said...

For some more examples - check out this thread and the following days comments.


When I raised issue with BradBlog's Ernest Canning suggesting he was ridiculous to claim Obama had purposefully betrayed Americans over healthcare my comments were repeatedly deleted -- even when I restricted posts to quotes from the London Guardian's Michael Tomasky.

For example - Bradblog repeatedly *deleted* the following quote:

The thing they do have to watch is the "If there's no public option, Obama is a total hack and sell-out" rhetoric, which emanates from a few quarters and is just wrong because it assumes a degree of presidential power over individual senators that doesn't exist.

Why would Bradblog delete that? But they did - repeatedly. And then they lied about me, and slandered me for posting it. Plus, of course, they banned me etc.

That's when I went looking into BRadBlog - and found his moderator operating a website with all appearances of being a far-right propaganda outlet.

I have tried rasing the issue with Brad Friedman - asking if he knows his own moderator supports such anti-semitism, and if so, whether Brad agrees with it.....and the underlying presumption of (jewish) world conspiracy.

However, Brad Friedman - or his moderator, Agent99 - simply deletes any reference to these issues. (And, of course, denounces anyone whom would raise them as "wingnuts" etc)

Why does Brad Friedman refuse to acknowledge - let alone properly address - issues around his own moderator's presence amongst, and support for, anti-semitic bile and far-right propaganda?

Why does Bradblog censor the least thing to do with this issue?

Why is Brad Friedman protecting his moderator thus? Does he agree with such anti-semitic views? Isn't censorship of the issue evidence for such a conclusion?

Agent99 is a regular poster at Dan's Big Blog, and, as I detail elsewhere, actively ensures the anti-semite Plunger's comments appear at BradBlog - through using his privileged moderator status there. How much do Agent99's views about a jewish conspiracy reflect those of BradBlog? Is BradBlog's focus on Voter Fraud intended as a means to insinuate a conception of a Hitlerite Jewish World conspiracy into mainstream/progressive discourse? Or just to undermine confidence in what passes as "liberal democracy"?

Similarly on healthcare - whilst posing as desirous of a more radical healthcare reform, Bradblog has formed part of the opposition to Obama - on whom *any* healthcare reform was dependent.

Was Bradblog all along trying to insinuate "conspiracy" behind Obama? Is that the underlying intent of BradBlog's claims that Obama purposefully set out to betray American wishes for healthcare reform?

That way, BradBlog and Agent99 et al can appear progressive, and left......whilst nevertheless underming healthcare, whilst simultaneously pushing the far-right meme of "world jewish conspiracy"........

Agent99, BigDan, Plunger and the others without doubt believe in a grand conspiracy - and an essentially jewish one at that.

After all, the (unspoken at bradBlog) rationale behind Obama's "failure" is that "his real controllers are jews/zino-fascists (!)" and they never intended to grant reform anyway. Just as they see the bailouts and stimulus as a means to plough more money back into the hands of "international bankers" (jews)........just as they see the Iraq and Afghan campaigns as serving "foreign interests" (jews/Israel/zino-fascists(!)).......just as they see 911 as an inside job (by jews/neo-cons/zino-fascists)

Frank, I sincerely urge you to take a look into this......and consider the perspective I've tried to outline as briefly as possible.

the_last_name_left said...

It'd be interesting if you could raise the issues with Brad himself - I'd be eternally grateful.

If you want some more information and evidence about the anti-semtism floating just out of sight around Bradblog, I'll gladly supply it.

I think it might help you put BradBlog into the wider context you've been outlining about this healthcare kerfuffle, for example, and how the far-right has infected and distorted even self-proclaimed "progressive" venues, such as BradBlog.

All the best in your campaign, Frank. I really appreciate your having turned on former friends and colleagues to expose their vile work.

Your position gives you unique insight into the far-right moving into mainstream. I hope you appreciate what I'm trying to make clear about BradBlog.....and how it too fits into the paradigm you've been expounding.

And please - just ask Brad about his nmoderator's support for anti-semitism? There's a story waiting to happen on this......I know it.

Thanks. Bye.

the_last_name_left said...

that one link I gave is dead sorry. Seems BigDan'sBigBlog has removed some of their own why would that be, I wonder?

Nevermind, I have them elsewhere:

Here's some background to my claims about the anti-semitism and far-right-ism lurking around Brad Friedman's "progressive" BradBlog.

NOTE - interesting that it appears BigDan'sBigBlog has now removed its comments from earlier posts.

Did they change their views, and renounce the anti-semitism they were parlaying?

Or did they think it was just too revealing?

One can still go to the recent comments at BigDan's - and find the BradBloggers......and the same barely suppressed anti-semitism and "world conspiracy" rubbish.

Here - go and look?

impik said...

Could not agree more. The amazing thing is that all those "Lefties", the Liberal-Elite, suppose to be bunch of intelligent people, yet they behave like stupid, short-sighted teabaggers.

There will never be a more Lefty president than Obama. It's a shame that they can't get it.

Jay Rogers said...

I think you should love how Scott Brown has stood up for veterans.

The Democrats put up a bad candidate who came off as clueless insulting Red Sox and Bruins fans on the eve of the election. I had to laugh when she called Curt Schilling a "Yankee fan." She epitomized the image of liberal elitists out of touch with the working class independents of the Northeast. Can't wait for November!

swadeshine said...

Obama's problem with the left might have something to do with his Bush2 surveillance & foreign policies, & no trials for prisoners.