Friday, January 29, 2010

Head's Up on Grit TV (You Need To Know About This)

Hi, Frank Schaeffer here: in case you don't know about Grit TV here's who they are. Take a look on cable or online. They are one of the only sources of alternative news in America that actually looks at all sides of a question. Grit TV also covers real news items that our American press is just too provincial (NY Times included) to bother with. (No I'm not telling you this just because they've had me on as a guest, so have lots of shows and I'm not returning favors here.)

I'd encourage you to watch and donate.

From the Grit TV Website:

GRITtv with Laura Flanders is a new, news and arts discussion show, available daily, in multiple formats, with interactivity and a positive take on what’s going on. The show launched May 12, 2008. Made possible by Free Speech TV, GRITtv is viewer-supported. Checks in support of GRITtv, made out to Laura Flanders Limited, may be sent to GRITtv at the address below.

CONTACT: 641 6th Ave., 4th Fl., NY, NY 10011 || (212) 871-8100 ||

On Satellite: GRITtv airs 4 x daily on Free Speech TV, at 8 & 1 Eastern, on the Dish Network (channel 9415) immediately following “Democracy Now.”

On Cable: GRITtv is also available to cable stations in 35 states and 200 college stations. Find out how you can bring GRITtv to your local station. Contact

Online: Watch GRITtv any time you want — in full or in parts — on Or click on where you can subscribe to the video feed.

Laura Flanders: Best-selling author and broadcaster Laura Flanders has built a reputation for presenting new perspectives on national and international issues, and for introducing non-traditional “experts” into the conventional political debate. Flanders was the founding host of the Women’s Desk at the media watch group, FAIR where she hosted CounterSpin, FAIR’s syndicated radio show. In 2001, she launched the award-winning YOUR CALL on public radio, KALW, in San Francisco. In the original-line up on Air America Radio, she hosted “The Laura Flanders Show” and then “RadioNation,” the weekly program of The Nation magazine. Her books include, Blue Grit: True Democrats Take Back Politics from the Politicians (Penguin Press, 2007) and the New York Times best-seller BUSHWOMEN: Tales of a Cynical Species (Verso, 2004), an investigation into the women in George W. Bush’s Cabinet. She is a regular contributor to the Nation, Ms. Magazine, the Huffington Post, Alternet and Common and CNN. Find out more at

Senior Producer, Gina Kim worked as a producer for NOW with Bill Moyers & David Brancaccio, on PBS. Before that, she served as a producer on Phil Donahue’s program Donahue on MSNBC. Gina also worked with Michael Moore on The Awful Truth.

Got Docs Producer: Patricia Foulkrod

Arts Producer, Alexa Birdsong is former Director of Arts and Cultural Programs for the City Parks Foundation of the city of New York where she booked and managed events in over 700 parks.

Theme Music from “More Excited” by “WUNMI“

SUPPORT GRITtv: Contributions to GRITtv may be made online. Checks in support of GRITtv, made out to Laura Flanders Limited, may be sent to GRITtv at the address below.

OPPORTUNITIES at GRITtv: If you are interested in volunteering or interning for GRITtv, please contact: || (212) 871-8100

CONTACT: 641 6th Ave., 4th Fl., NY, NY 10011 || (212) 871-8100 ||


vocaleyes said...

Thank you for this post! Also, as anyone reading this may or may not know, GRITtv is in a time of flux due to Air America, our once officemate's going bankrupt. We will be moving, most likely in the next month and are looking at a large amount of money for our move. Check out this page for information and stay tuned for potential GRIT related fundraising events! Keep watching, posting, and just e-mail us or find us on facebook to ask questions about embed codes, pitch ideas, or anything!

Thanks again, Frank Schaeffer!

Anna Lekas Miller
GRITtv Web Intern

Dee said...

Thank you, Frank, for giving these fine people some publicity. I really enjoy GRITtv's wide range of topics and the respectful and lively tone they always exercise. It's good to see such skill and professionalism at work.

Izgad said...

How does putting someone who works for Nation magazine count as looking at things from all perspectives?