Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Latest Limbaugh/Dobson/Robertson Blast (On Grit TV)

Here's a link to my latest Grit TV blast. By the way if you don't watch them and/or help support them you are missing a good thing!



gfarmer said...

Just wait till the Super Bowl commerical being paid for by Focus on the Family. Imagine a ministry coming up with nearly 3million $ to spend in such a way. Do I sound petty when I point out that the money could be spent on the poor?

john.defelice said...

Are you kidding me? Maybe a few million people should write or e-mail Lord Dobson and let him know how they feel. Its arrogance in overdrive especially when FOF laid off staff a couple of months ago becuase they were soooo broke!

gfarmer said...

Oh I am sure that Dobsons' brainwashed minions feel that the money is going to be spent wisely especially since the football player that paints bible verses on his face is going to be the star of the show.

dianedp said...

What kills me is that we ALL have to contribute to these mad,crazy men.
Every cable or satellite pkg. comes with the 700 club as part of the deal.
We should not have to pay for their craziness.
We should be allowed to choose what we want to watch without being coerced into supporting this hate.

Luke Gillespie said...

Another great interview, Frank! Pat Robertson and those like him need to read the Bible more carefully. At the very best, they're simply Job's "friends" who tell him that his sufferings can only mean that he has sinned. God has angry words for Job's friends because they "did not speak the truth about [God]" (Job 42:7). Pat Robertson is just another "friend" of Job spewing the same damned nonsense. And to think that there are those who buy into this garbage. So, keep on keepin' on and speaking up, Frank, and the rest of you above. I raise my voice with you.