Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stop the Court and Big Business from Hijacking Democracy

By Frank Schaeffer

T There's only one real answer (legislative parsing aside) to the Supreme Court's attack on democracy by its ruling that big business can spend its billions to support or oppose candidates.

You're looking at it right here. Trust me, we have the power-- it's called corporate fear of losing money, time and privacy.

I'm a blogger and writer. There are thousands like me. Together we have the power to keep corporate America from destroying our democracy. We can unleash the righteous anger of the population in a way that will make the "Tea Parties" look like a Sunday school picnic!

Here's how--

Let us bloggers, writers and activists - of all political positions -- promise corporate America that the first corporations to make use of this Supreme Court ruling will pay a price so steep that no one else will ever want to try it again.

Here's what I propose:

Let all bloggers who agree that democracy is at risk because of this decision unite here today to preemptively declare that any corporation that takes advantage of the Court ruling will:

  • Have its directors, named and outed-- inclusive of office addresses of the person posted widely and repeatedly with calls to picket them 24/7

  • It's executives named and outed-- inclusive of office addresses of the person posted widely and repeatedly with calls to picket them 24/7

  • It's major stock holders named and outed-- inclusive of office addresses of the person posted widely and repeatedly with calls to picket them 24/7

  • That there will be agitation for the corporate headquarters to picketed

  • That the PR firm, add agency and creative people who work on any such add campaign (and media firm, TV and/or radio station's executives that sell them the time) be outed -- inclusive of office addresses of the person posted widely and repeatedly with calls to picket them 24/7

...And that all this will be done by all bloggers to the best of their investigative abilities... and we promise to do this regardless of the content of the add and even if in some individual instance we agree with the candidate (or cause) being helped.

Yes, this is a threat and a promise, actually a sacred vow to sustain our democracy.

Let the first corporation to try stripping the rest of us actual individual citizens of our free speech -- by overwhelming us with their money at the behest of the election-stealing Court -- become a cautionary tale that will not soon be forgotten.

Do you agree?

Will you promise to make this happen?

Then say so! Sign this statement, post it on your blog and pass it on


Izgad said...

If I had a choice between big corporations not being allowed to spend to their greedy heart’s content and silent bloggers and corporations being unleashed and active bloggers willing to call them out on it I would take the latter any day. So let the corporations spend themselves silly. If Democracy is worth having in the first place than it is not going to matter, because yes we will be able to call companies out on it. Here is to a 2012 election where the number one issue is who is willing to trust the American people more and spend less money.

Di said...

Hi Frank,

This is a good idea, but I just have one concern and I hope you can address it. There was a pundit on TV (can't remember who right now) who was saying that the companies behind ads, documentaries, etc bashing a candidate can simply hide behind a front name. They can just call themselves something like "Americans for America" or something similar to that, and we won't know the name of the specific corporation behind it.

ramblingmanofals said...

You know it's wrong when the 42nd U.S. Solicitor General for George W. Bush, (2001-04) Theodore (Ted) Olson goes on TV wallowing in the 5-4 decision. Reminds one of the 2000 election where Ted represented Bush in the Supreme Court Florida election decision.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Do you agree?


Yes, and please, these are business people and they will go to any lengths to get what they insist and demand they MUST have! This will be no walk in the park, these people are ruthless.

Desolation Angel said...

Signed Frank, and in full agreement, and cross-posted to my blog.

john.defelice said...

Agree with you Frank, but the trail of money is so hard to follow. For example Sun Myung Moon's right wing organizations pump money into at least 2,000 front organizations and sub-businesses. From there it goes all over.

Fredric said...

I agree with you, but it is difficult to trace the sorce of funding. Witness Tom Delay and his all inclusive PAC, sending money to whomever it wants.

But nothing will happen unless we do it.

Dave C said...

You're right. Big Corporations like Time-Warner, Viacom, GE and Disney have way too much say with influencing elections. There really should be some government agency to help level out the playing field so every viewpoint has equal access to address their concerns.