Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Latest on Grit TV Re Race and Obama

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Matt | o2h2d2 said...

Pure speculation, but if you're right . . . this 'racism' is what got Pres. Obama elected in the first place. Racism is something that was never taken on by the 'Church' in the US, as it was taken on in the UK and other commonwealth nations. Rather, the US ventured racism for political, military and capital gain. Sadly, this why we socialized planned parenthood--to keep 'undesirables' to there proper limited usefulness.

So back to Pres. Obama. What's his purpose for being elected to the US Presidency. In my humble opinion, the evil of racism is so ingrained in western US society, that I think he was elected for failure. I think if his plans do fail, due to opposition by those with racist intentions, it will only make those racist ideologies stronger. We are at such a pinnacle point in our government and economy, that if it collapses completely the US majority will have a scapegoat.

I am not saying that there are no supporters, or opposers, of Pres. Obama on legitimate grounds and legitimate reasons, but racism is very weaved into our society.