Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Are the "Respectable" Evangelical "End Times" Nuts Writing the Handbook For Terror?

That's the question to ask as you think about the insanity of evangelical theology re the "End" and watch these two Rachel Maddow reports.

Watch This


Watch This


John said...

thanks for these links! ed brayton (in the first clip) is a great guy, who is also offering some rational thinking about issues of faith as it relates to politics.

tnlib said...

Like too many such groups, paranoia reigns supreme. Total kooks. Thanks for the links.

Dave C said...

Watch this video as well.

strefanash said...

The thought of the Hutaree militia is not biblical. It is a lunatic fringe cut and paste job, ignoring Bible verses that forbid insurrection, ignoring verses like "love your enemies".

Strictly speaking the antics of these heretics is irrelevant to biblical end time doctrine, for they have twisted it beyond recognition.

That they called themselves christian does not make them so. they are a cult because though some of their belief is common it is grossly twisted

I also reject the notion of pre tribulation rapture. The rapure is real, but is the same thing as the first resurrection and happens at the second coming of Christ.

This changes much, for it means the church will go through the tribulation. And the Biblical response when we christians are being massacred?

we are to resist not evil, to in fact let it happen.

If they believed the rapture was after the tribulation not before it they would not be so cocky.

Of course when politicians pretend to be christians to be elected (Bush), christianity is not so hated that we christiansd are marked for death. this will not happen in our lifetime IMO, therefore the time is not right for the last generation and we are not it