Thursday, July 8, 2010

More on "Christian Zionism...."

Here's my latest on Huffington Post:

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"Christian-Zionism" Is Trouble for Israel and the USA


strefanash said...

This evangelical, ie me, rejects Zionism. Hagee and his ilk cite the verse "I will bless those who bless you (ie Abraham thus by extention the Jews). But it is not a blessing to endorse the crimes of the person you claim to bless. In fact it is a sign of contempt that one would contribute to that persons destruction by egging him on. Hence christian zionism smacks of anti semitism as seen by its own logic

Israel defies both international law and the Law of God. Exodus 22:21 says "you shall neither vex nor oppress a stranger, (ie non jew) for you were strangers in egypt"

Christian Zionism is idolatry, and many Orthodox Jews hold that Jewish Zionism is idolatry also (see below).

Their, the fundamentalists', seeking to bring about the endtimes by their meddling is what the Bible calls working in the flesh, as when Abraham was promised a son. He did not wait on God for it to come about when the time was right, he took matters into his own hands, and the result was the Hagar Ishmael debacle.

IOW, Mr Schaeffer, I agree with you on this. Zionism is trouble. It is also a mishmash of twisted scripture, therefore not a biblical doctrine

Many people think Judaism and Zionism are one and the same, but Orthodox Jewry has opposed Zionism for a hundred years since its inception. I heartily recommend an Orthodox site, for more detail on what Judaism really thinks about zionism

AS for "christian heritage" I distinguish faith from religiosity. Jesus said the way was small and narrow and few there were to find it. Thus I hold that there is no such thing as a christian nation, as you would never get the numbers to found it, so there is no christian heritage to be reclaimed by political agitation. They seek a past that never was. If they go to church but still beat their wiuves, or murder natives down the road or upstate, exploit the worker and the poor, this is not christianity, it is an affront to God as He said in Isaiah chapter 1

when the puritans commiteed genocide in America, the true origin of the first thanksgiving being the massacre of the Pequot people in 1637, they showed that had rejected the gospel and the new covenant, and th ereligious wars of the 16th and 17 century show me what the reformation was worth, and that is nothing at all

A nation would be said to be christian if it in fact loved anyone. This has never happened.

The religious right is not spreading the gospel, but trying to foist its unbelief and defiance ofscripture on people, bring the gospel into deeper discredit.

In Biblical terms this is blasphemy, misusing the name of God for evil end

strefanash said...

Particularly offensive to any of scholarly interest is the rewriting of history by Christian Zioninsts.

There never was perpetual enmity between Arabs and Jews, in fact when so called christians twisting scripture to justify their own hatred called Jews christ killers and murdered them, many fled to the Muslim world. If memory serves me well Maimonides was based in the Muslim courts of spain where he and many jews found shelter.

Jews and Muslims lived well together in the Land for centuries. Tensions only arose (in the 1920's) as it became clear that Zionists were out to take over the land

I am a convinced christian, but I know full well that church history is among the biggest obscenities in history, and as such the bestargument for atheism there is.

So called Christian Zionism, especially as preached by someone as bloated with pomposity, arrogance and sheer foolishness as Hagee who cant even read the New Testament properly to make the claims he does, is continuing evidence of this tragedy

DomainDiva said...

Religion is the reason there is not peace in the Middle East. The Jews are expecting the Messiah, The Christians are expecting him to come again and the Muslims are waiting on the Mahdi. Everyone is waiting on some future event to solve everything by the mass killing and genocide of armageddon and serious problems languish in the rhetoric of ignorance.