Sunday, December 26, 2010

Frank Schaeffer Speaking Dates, Times, Places

Hi, Frank Schaeffer here:

I'm setting up my 2011 book tour/speaking tour to launch my new book SEX, MOM and GOD: How the Bible's Strange Take on Sex Led to Crazy Politics--and How I Learned to Love Women (and Jesus) Anyway.

You may order the book on Amazon

Do you have any event, college, church, group you'd like me to speak at?

The best dates for me are between May 10 to the end of October this year.

Contact me at if you'd like to talk about this before my calendar fills up.

I speak at colleges, churches, events and will be talking about the connection between political and sexual dysfunction as this sexual/political dysfunction powers and motivates both the religious and secular right, and about how to offer an alternative.

With far right social agenda and "Tea Party" Republicans controlling one house of Congress, this is (sadly) a very relevant topic.

I think there is an alternative to right wing paranoia and fear: a deeper connection with spirituality, Christianity and Love, and sane reality-based politics. I also think we must push back against far right/religious right mythology and willful (often homophobic and misogynist) ignorance and fear.

Having once been a leader on the other -- and wrong -- side I think I can help define this moment and provide a counter-argument that is efective. That's what my new book, "Sex, Mom and God" does -- besides (I hope) -- make my readers laugh out loud.

(If you want to see/hear the way I approach these things there are plenty of examples, interviews on NPR with Terri Gross on "Fresh Air" etc., and you may check out on my website for sources.)

Again, if you want to contact me, please email me at

Very Best,

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Winston Smith said...

Frank..."Mama was mean to me! She told me I shouldn' screw every available girl! WaaaaaaaaaaaaWAAAAAAAAAAAABoo hoo hoo....

She caught us playing with our thingys! She yelled at me. WaaaaaaaaaWAAAAAAAA

"So maybe there is no God!"

"But I can write books about mama and papa and make a splash, that will show them!"

"And mama don't know what's going on anyway!"

My point? Any man who makes a living off of blaming mama is, well...go figure/