Friday, December 31, 2010

My Latest Pro-Obama Blast

Read it (click) HERE

Obama's Critics Owe Him a New Years (Fact-Based) Apology


Izgad said...

Have you seen this piece about President Obama by Rabbi Avi Shafran?

Frank Schaeffer said...

Hi Izgad: thanks for posting that link. What an interesting article, and a wise one re humility in politics too. Best, Frank

Janet said...

"President Obama is the first Democratic Party presidential candidate I ever voted for."

Me too, Frank. Me too! ;-)

Doug said...

Hi Frank,

Couldn't agree more. I have a colleague/friend at work that I have been working on for months and he finally turned the corner and admitted he has been wrong about our amazing POTUS. It took a lot for him to admit and I have not rubbed it in - instead we talked about what an amazing thing it has been these last two years to see actual change that matters.

Thanks for the great read!