Thursday, December 23, 2010

President Obama 1, Critics 0

By Frank Schaeffer

While President Obama brilliantly cajoled 13 Republicans to join every Democratic senator to ratify the New Start nuclear arms treaty with Russia, adding (as the Times put it) “the capstone to what now shapes up to be a remarkably successful legislative agenda for President Obama’s first two years…” in an interview with The Times of London Julian Assange compared himself to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He also compared the Obama administration criticisms of him to the “persecution” endured by American Jews in the 1950s.

While President Obama signed the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell into law the Michael Moore – once again – interpreted history through what might be charitably called a very personal lens when he – again – let his readers know that yet more WikiLeaks documents mention him and his movies!

While President Obama orchestrated the push back in the Senate—that then unanimously approved a bill to pay for the medical care of workers who cleaned up ground zero… after McConnell and other Republicans blocked the bill, Markos Moulitsas on Daily Kos that blasted the President saying "It’s really obnoxious hearing Democrats like Obama trying to make that argument [that Obama needed to compromise with the Republicans on the tax cuts]."

Wait a minute, “Democrats like Obama”? Would that be President Obama you’re talking about so dismissively?

“One thing I hope people have seen during this lame-duck: I am persistent,” Mr. Obama said, at a news conference celebrating his end of year achievements. “If I believe in something strongly, I stay on it.”

Yes, and the President keeps proving that his rabid critics on the Right who are working so hard to undermine his presidency at every turn are no match for him.

He also keeps proving that, compared to the Left of the Democratic Party (let alone such "icons" as Assange) he knows how to get things done that actually change lives and matter. President Obama also seems to be the only grownup, not to mention the smartest person, in many a room.

While the Democratic Left navel gazes, inflates their own importance with articles about how they got mentioned in WikiLeaks (WOW!)... while Assange and others suffering from delusions of grandeur keep posturing as saviors of the human race, President Obama, Hilary Clinton, the late Richard Holbrooke et al, actually have been working for the good of America and the world.

The Senate ratified the New Start arms-reduction treaty, which the President said was his foreign-policy priority. Republicans surrendered, then grudgingly allowed the passage of the Sept. 11 legislation too. And that was after they tried to undermine the repeal of DADT.

The President never backed down. He won a string of bipartisan legislative triumphs. Meanwhile the Left keeps saying that to be bipartisan is a sign of weakness. Really?

The President's Right Wing Republican critics are now thoroughly exposed as the hard-hearted empty suits they are.

President Obama's Lefty critics look more and more like petulant teenagers.

Score One to President Obama, Zero to his critics.

Frank Schaeffer is a writer and author of Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It Back


Michael said...

It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic: The Republican and Democrat leadership only considers leadership "real" if they, like a dog, can go into the others yard and mark their territory.

Day by day, for those willing to see, both parties display their resentment of the American people's expectation that they should in fact, LEAD for the good of the country. Instead, personal agenda rules.

Kathleen Valentine said...

Thank you, Frank. I discovered your blog when you wrote your brilliant post titled Obama Will Triumph And So Will America just a year ago. All through the evisceration of our President during the recent whining about the tax cut compromise I kept thinking about that. This is a great follow-up and must have been gratifying for you to write.

Frank Schaeffer said...

Hi Michael and thanks for reading the post and the comment. You are correct. And thanks too Kathleen, I'm pleased you are reading my posts. Thank you. Best, F

Luke Gillespie said...
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Luke Gillespie said...

Well said, Frank. I might add that Obama continues to be level-headed in his demeanor, and has withstood the whining of those who say he's not "engaged" or "passionate" enough. Despite all the bigoted, racist and false criticisms he has faced, he remains one cool customer and has not let the obstructionist party of "NO" (with its childish temper tantrums) subdue him, nor has he allowed some of the impractical pressures from the far left (notice that I say "some" since I sympathize with Bernie Sanders whose undisputed facts about the already existing "distribution of wealth" to the top 1-2% were spot on) derail his efforts to reach the kinds of compromises necessary to lead and exemplify our national motto: e pluribus unum ("out of many, one"). Like you, I grew up overseas and I can say that Obama has literally changed international attitudes toward the USA in a more positive direction from the previous administration. Obama is doing his best to lead and unite, and he has scored a number of legislative victories for the country in the process.

Doug said...

Well done Mr. Schaeffer. Sadly I expect the right wing lunatic fringe to behave as the angry frothing at the mouth mob that they are. But I am appalled that the left (such as many at DK) has gone off the deep end and lost site of what it takes to actually govern rather than just sit back and lob stink bombs at what is most likely our finest President since FDR. They need to get a grip and grow the hell up!

I look forward to reading your blog regularly.

Frank Schaeffer said...

Thanks Luke for reading and as always the good comment, and thanks Doug too. You make a great point-- governing is a reality the Left seems not to "get" these days. Maybe they (we) are just too used to being in a permanent crouch mode of opposition. There is such a thing as a bad loser (Republicans!), but the Left seem to be bad winners.

Winston Smith said...

And the endless wars continue...Obama has changed nothing.

You are full of it, Frank, and you know it.