Thursday, January 27, 2011

Did Evangelicals Kill a Gay Man

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Morrison said...

Frank, that rambling rant attributing vast powers to "the family" borders on conspiracy theory.

And the technique of blaming all for the actions of some is a standard tactic of bigots, used against the religious, blacks, Jews, immigrants, and yes, Gay people.

And lot of people are wondering what you REALLY believe.

Morrison said...

You know, Franky, you change causes and religions as fast as your old pal Gary North changes disaster predicitons!

But it does sell books!

Better than working hard at a real job, I suppose.

Auburn Abbey said...


Perhaps, this murder, of which I feel equally culpable through guilt-by-religious-association, is the motivation needed to finally propel the human rights issues involved to the forefront of of the Christian psyche.

As you know, too long have evangelical fundamentalists been murdering (literally and metaphorically) those that do not adhere to some twisted notion that theocracy is the answer to the world's problems. Theocracy is simply utilizing fear to get desired results: imposed by the iron-fist of ignorance. And, the god of this theocracy is control (or the perception that one is justified to bend another to their will in the name of their deity).

"Turn or burn", they would say, right? Well, it turns out that this phrase has a much more present-day context than the traditional "after-life" concept. Actually, with either usage, it still screams "hate".

I do not worship the same "jesus" that these power-mongers do. I implore any follower of Jesus to denounce all of the "western evangelical leaders" involved in any African policy that targets people who are "different" - homosexual or otherwise.

Blood is on our hands (again).

Queue the next headline of a power hungry "christian" saying, "but i certainly didn't want them dead..."

equestrian57 said...

Mr. Morrison, please do not attempt to speak for the vast, unnamed "lot of people." Please speak only for yourself.

This murder is a tragedy, and wholly unchristian any way you look at it. To the extent that such actions have been encouraged by Americans, we are indeed culpable.

Fr. John Whiteford said...

Did communists kill millions of Christians? Yes... but let's talk about the one gay guy killed in Uganda.

Ex-Crusader said...

@Fr. John: Nice attitude. Just what I would expect.

Dutch001 said...

We're talking about a country that allowed a madman to come to power and kill hundreds of thousands in the most bizarre ways and for the most bizarre reasons, and which still has a nutjob rebel army in parts of the country. American evangelicals may have encouraged gay bashing, but that, in itself, wouldn't trigger lynching and extremist legislation unless the sociopathology were already widespread and deeply rooted.

Auburn Abbey said...

"When Christian leaders justify the demonization
of LGBTQ people for their sexual orientation or gender presentation, either by selectively quoting scripture and subsequently distorting its life-giving meaning, or by reading their own homophobia
back into church teaching to claim that “Gays and Lesbians are sinners,” these clerics are not only exposing a vulnerable minority to religious,
political, and social persecution.

They are also exposing their own theology and
ethics as woefully bankrupt and void of spiritual integrity.

Clerics in Uganda and the United States who stoke hatred against LGBTQ people are no longer messengers of God. They have become a mob of theological thugs."

mes1120 said...

Good thoughts Frank.