Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Join Me in Carson City NV April 1-2

Frank Schaeffer is coming!
April 1-2

Register Now!

Join us at St. Peter's as we host best-selling author Frank Schaeffer for our annual Lenten Lecture Series. Do you get tongue-tied when attempting to share your faith and church community with others? Are you fed up with stiff-necked religion, yet unable to commit to full-blown atheism? Join us to hear Frank Schaeffer who will help to articulate authentic faith beyond a religious culture of extremes.
Friday, April 1st, evening lecture (by donation) 7 - 9 p.m.; AND Saturday, April 2nd, workshop 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Please register in advance for the Saturday workshop as space is limited. For more information, please contact The Rev. Kim Morgan atkamorgan@pyramid.net
or call 775-883-1681.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

I have linked to this--thank you,

Leonardo Ricardo (Episcopalian in Central America who wishes he could attend).

Morrison said...

These talks of yours are very puzzling, Frank.

You spoke to a group of us at an event on the Plaza in Kansas City last year, and you said, in response to a question, that you were a "church going Christian".

But, either something has changed, or you were just playing with words, or you TAILOR YOUR TALKS to the audience.

I don't expect you to respond to a punk kid like me, but I just wanted you to know that not every one is buying your line.

Your Pal, Morrison.

Missy Hempe said...

Morrison, why on earth wouldn't Frank be a Church going Christian? He's not an EVANGELICAL Christian. Big difference. He has always cleary stated he attends an Orthodox Church, which comes closest to what historic Christianity was meant to be. Orthodox Churches do NOT preach politics, attempt to gain power in this country, and many of the traditions go straight back to the earliest centuries after Christ. You don't have to buy the whole farm if you find a particular cow you like, either. I attend an Anglican Church and don't adhere to all that they teach, but I'd still call myself a "Church going Christian" even if I make it to Mass about once every three months.

This has always puzzled me - why do haters read blogs when they are rude to the authors?

Your "Pal," Missy

Morrison said...

Missy, why wouldn't he be a church going Christian?

Because he keeps hinting that he is an atheist.

And are you saying an Evangelical can't be a Church Going Christian? I am not an evangelical, but that seems HATEFUL, since all Evangelicals don't do what you claim. After all, you don't have to buy the whole farm if you find a particular cow you like.

But, like I said, I didn't Frank to respond...so I wonder why you bothered, "Pal".

John Myste said...


Haters read blogs when they are rude to the authors because they hate and because they are interested in the rude blogs.


I agree with you completely. You do not have to buy farms with cows you like. you can steal the cow, do without the cow, moo at that cow, or buy the farm with the cow. Some people may not have understood what you meant, so I thought I should clear things up for them folks.

Emanuel Goldstein said...

John, you sound like one of them thar Haters.

Emanuel Goldstein said...

And Morrison, if you expect Franky to lower himself to respond to you, you need to advance him his honorariam...you don't think he posts this schlock just for the heck of it, do you?

The Little Napoleon hasn't changed. Everything is still all about him.

John Myste said...

You see, Emanuel, I only hate those who do not think exactly as I do. And I do not inherently hate them. If they choose to continue doing what they are doing, then I hate them for that reason.

And, I must apologize, but I hate you. I don't hate you for calling me a hater, because I am. I hate you because I visited your blog and it denounced me in its title. I did not further read the entries, which I may yet do. Deserving as I know myself to be, I still think I require an apology. I don’t know who Loftus is, but I am not a homosexual.

Emanuel Goldstein said...

My blog? You are even dumber than you sound...I don't have a blog.

But thanks for your admission.

And for the warning.

Oh, and as to that apology...keep waiting! Bahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

John Myste said...


Firstly, I hardly think I could be dumber than I sound.

Secondly, you’re right. You tricked me! It is the one blog you follow.

And thirdly, here is the blog I attributed to you:


"Setting John Straight"

And fourthly, I love you now. The belly laugh was contagious.