Sunday, March 6, 2011

Please Read This

Please read THIS


Dutch001 said...

It takes courage to fight in any war, but if the war has broad support, it's a lot easier. The people with real moral courage are those who accept the risk of being wrong and choose to fight in the morally ambiguous wars where they are likely to suffer ridicule and abuse from those they defend and, if vindication comes at all, may come too late to be of any comfort. Vietnam has absolutely nothing it couldn't have had by simply waiting for the French to leave, or leaving the southern half of the country in peace. The people who sneered at toppling Saddam Hussein are now wondering why we didn't "do something" about Mubarak.

Winston Smith said...

Support the troops by bringing them home from pointless wars.

Obama lied, and people died.

edp4bho said...

Obama did not lie. He always said he would pursue Afghanistan. Get your facts straight before you sound off, Winston Smith.

Morrison said...

Obama said that?

Not the impresson he tried to give whn I saw him speak in Kansas City.

And if he did, he Definitely Lied...because he failed in Afghanistan.

Yep, I agree.

Obama lied and people died.