Friday, May 20, 2011

France to Legalize Rape In Order To Save Its Most Important Leaders from American Cowboy Style Humiliation

When the CIA (taking time out from murdering bin Laden and/or faking his murder) agreed to help place thousands of young women agents in every luxury hotel in America in order to entrap any and all French political leaders who might challenge the worldwide corporate hegemony of America, the idea was diabolically clever.

As noted by the New York Times:

"Suspicions are widespread in France that Mr. Strauss Kahn may have been set up. On Wednesday, a poll conducted by CSA showed that 57 percent of people surveyed think he was 'the victim of a plot.' Seventy percent of respondents from his Socialist Party also agree with the theory."

It turns out that French left-leaning socialists share the same world view as that found amongst New Jersey's Republican voters. In a poll - one out of every three New Jersey conservatives were found to think that Obama could be the anti-Christ. To be precise, 18% of self-identified conservatives affirmatively say that Obama is the anti-Christ, with 17% not sure. Among the self-identified Republican label, it's 14% who say Obama has the number 666 hidden underneath his hair, plus 15% who aren't sure.

Or as French author Bernard-Henri Levy put it

"I am troubled by a system of justice modestly termed 'accusatory,' meaning that anyone can come along and accuse another fellow of any crime--and it will be up to the accused to prove that the accusation is false and without basis in fact. I resent the New York tabloid press, a disgrace to the profession, that, without the least precaution and before having effected the least verification, has depicted Dominique Strauss-Kahn as a sicko, a pervert, borderlining on serial killer, a psychiatrist's dream."

Perhaps the Strauss Kahn conspiracy and the Obama/Birther conspiracy are one and the same. Stories were planted in the Hawaii press "documenting" Obama's "birth" in 1961 in anticipation of his run for the US presidency in 2008. Then in 2009 the Sofitel hotel chain hired an un-named Nicolas Sarkozy plant on the off chance that his rival for the French presidency would stay at it's midtown New York flagship hotel three years later.

Some people might find this hard to believe until they consider the fact that when the World Trade Center was constructed in the early 1970s it was pre-wired with explosives by the CIA and Mossad to be exploded by George W Bush in 2001 in order to help him deflect attention from the West Bank settlements.

American operatives knew that the French are more relaxed about so-called extramarital affaires than the prudish Americans with their "Anglo-Saxon" tradition of moralist prudery. They counted on the fact that the leaders that they would set up and/or entrap with false rape allegations would have -- in all probability -- relaxed and civilized French attitudes and thus have actually have actually "raped," many women over years of good living and/or molested or otherwise harassed significant numbers of women in the past, thus lending credibility to the trumped up charges.

"We French deal with sex and romance in a manner that reflects our culture," said an outraged, humiliated French socialist leader, who asked to remain un-named because she feared her house was being watched by Mormons, California wine moguls bent on addicting the world to wines lacking in the role of the wine maker to bring out the expression of a wine's terroir and/or the CIA.

"Since the Americans have plotted to destroy us with trumped up charges of 'rape' and will continue to do so our only defense will be to de-stigmatize so-called rape in order to liberate all human beings from Anglo-Saxon oppression," continued the highly placed French anonymous source while standing outside the French government's Ministry of Culture and Communication, where she works.

Leading French feminists are taking up the call to liberate their leading French men from so-called moral constraints. "In France within our relaxed culture most liberated women actually enjoy what cowboy Americans refer to as 'rape,' " said one socialist feminist leader on a France 24 talk show, who also asked to remain un-named fearing being targeted by the USA and "Those diabolical Navy Seals."

"It is most certainly outrageous that a leading French political figure of the enlightened French left be subject to the treatment reserved for ordinary men who fly coach," said French feminist, and author of the three thousand page treatise Discovering My Marquis de Sad in the Inner Woman-- Liberation Through Perpetual Humiliation.

The French public is showing strong support for new proposed legislation that will make it illegal to accuse any member of the French government, or any leading French man and/or best selling author, and/or winner of the coveted Ordre national de la L├ęgion d'honneur or any French man who has flown business class or first class on Air France within any calendar year from the date of the accusation of rape-- of rape.

"In any case the attentions of our leading intellectuals and political figures paid to some otherwise unnoticeable female should be seen as an honor by this female," said a well known actress and human rights French feminist (who asked to remain un-named).

France will therefore soon decimalize rape when these "rapes" are really no more than the accepted French expression by leading French men taking what is rightfully theirs. France's spokesman for the top court, the Constitutional Council, explained, "We do not think in illogical inches and yards but in centimeters here. It is time for America to become logical."

"We hope Americans may learn from this example and put their barbaric house in order. It is a terrible thing to see extraordinary men treated as they would be if they were simply ordinary people," said leading culture critic and forward thinking writer who asked to remain un-named.

Given the change in the law made today by the Constitutional Council from today in France, all sex with prominent officials will from now on be automatically categorized as consensual-- in fact -- obligatory.

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