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Hedges: No way in US system to vote against banks

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Between Occupy Wall Street, in New York, and the other cities it's spread to, as well as the October 2011 movement that just began here in D.C, something seems to be happening in this country. Earlier at Freedom Plaza Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and author, tells us what this could lead to.

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  • A clear and articulate analysis. Hedges is courageous in telling it like it is. He is one of the few public intellectuals not afraid to use words like "fascism" and "Marxism" objectively. Most people use these words to instil fear or to skirt critical criticism. Pity the Tea Partiers will not spend 10 minutes to sit down and follow Chris through this interview with an open mind.

  • Chris Hedges is as serious, moral, adult, informed and relevant as this RT show could aspire to. TY for this interview with him. Keep it up, I'll re-subscribe. His comments on teaparty and the fascist hatred of regulations imposed by the people (as government when it works) are well understood - he has seen this in other places before now. Alex Jones, seen here occasionally, is not "news" but is the ideological agenda of exactly that fascist entity represented by Texas Freedom Works.

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  • @mbonnar I believe you are the one to be schooled.­st-Threat

    Point 3. Government administers a capitalist system with an immense bureaucracy.

    6. Government sustains economic life through spending and borrowing.

    You can read the article though. Maybe you will stop supporting the real fascist.

  • @dude4gold You lack a concerted understanding in political principles of you think fascism is "more regulations".

  • He calls Tea Party fascist? He himself is asking for more regulations, which is fascism. Funny how fascist call their enemy the description that belies their own mantra.

  • @TheVikingNinja Serously? Seriously? "Progress of white people"? And here I thought it was all about ALL Americans. You really do fail.


  • @bigscarytigermonster The Vietnam war was a racial national struggle under the banner of communism. The guy in this video gives two shits about western civilization or the preservation and progress of white people.

  • It is not by a chance that Baghdad had seen a “House of Translations” some 1,000 years ago, but Washington does not speak any other language but that of the brute force and deception.

    This speech by Chris Hedges is a phenomenal one and at its end he offers hope and the REASON for the culture of resistance: v=GirI5ahatIo

  • The culture of resistance must be created; the fascist state managed to manipulated the American collective mind into all kind of magical thinking and brainwashed too many, but the real danger is that the fascist state, undisturbed by the culture of resistance, may end up destroying the very fabric of humanity, in the same way it does in Moslem countries.

  • @TheVikingNinja This coming from a person quoting from the Vietnamese Communist leader who formed a communist government until he lost his position in 1955 under the guise of "democracy." Fail troll is fail.

  • 2:40 fuck this marxist. guns are crucial to a free society. The flood of "undocumented workers" or illegal immigrants has devastated the lower class of america. Mestesos have high birth rates and low iqs and if america doesn't wise up to the genetic decline we are doing nothing about, we will become a nice country like brazil or mexico.

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