Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Book Frank Schaeffer to Speak "Theocracy or Democracy?"

HUP Talent and Booking Presents:

2012 Election Year Speaking Tour:

Are you tired of religion masquerading as politics & politics as religion?
Frank Schaeffer is!

Frank will be speaking on the impact of far right religion on politics and his journey from being an Evangelical leader to becoming a spokesperson for progressive politics and religion.

If you care about America you CAN'T miss the conversation that will change the national political debate for the better and expose the politics of hate-based religion infiltrating every aspect of American Life today.

It's time to bring dignity and respect back to the conversation and hear from a voice of reason this election season.

To Book Frank Shaeffer's
The Theocracy or Democracy
2012 Speaking Tour
Contact Lisa Darden
Or call             240-446-1554      .
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Fool4Christ said...
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Fool4Christ said...

Frank, how dare you refer to disciples of Jesus as the Taliban, and the al-Qaeda of the United States of America? How dare you declare that disciples of Jesus use witchcraft? Of course, there is only One infallible; His followers are not. Christians were the first scientists; we are not afraid of science. Science is the study of God's magnificent creation! Christians do NOT hatch sinister plots against children in public schools or anywhere else! The Bible, God's Holy written Word, is the standard by which all else is measured. One simply cannot be friends with Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords and a friend of this fallen, corrupt world at the same time. Above the U. S. of A., of course our allegiance is to God first. Ayn Rand is definitely NOT our guru. Christians do NOT engage in insidious activities. You are exceedingly dishonoring of your father, and you dare to behave this way while your dear mother is yet alive! Find your way back to the narrow way before it is too late, and stop glorying in taking impressionable young people to hell with you. Daily deny yourself, taking up your cross to follow Jesus.

Ginny Bain Allen

Fool4Christ said...

I don't understand Frank asking those who leave him comments to be polite when he is the polar opposite.